All the Enos labelling machines are famous for their sophisticated features, for their multi-functions, for their appealing look and impact and for their compact and harmonious structure. They are fully fitted and highly efficient.

We are talking about labelling machines with three labelling heads for the application of front and back labels as well as DOCG stripes using a certified system for neck or vertical bi-adhesive application and, eventually, an extra front labelling head for the year label.

The machines can be equipped with a special cam application cap closure system which results in a perfect rolling, or with a double ventilation thermal head and plateau (flat) cap distributor perfectly independent. They can also be equipped with personalised label positioning devices according to the caps position or the existing labels or with step by step motors.

Thanks to the electronic devices, the label height indicators, the rotating feeding table and the work programming system, we can guarantee a perfect labelling with highly reduced application times.

We also guarantee a comfortable and user-friendly operating system as most of the settings can be saved in the machine memory the first time and automatically activated for future applications.

All machines are made of AISI 304 glossed stainless steel and have an ergonomic and sophisticated design.